Chromatic Harmony 1

Professor: Todd Tarantino


Columbia University's Sonic Glossary: Columbia's own resource for all manner of musical terms; illustrated with appropriate listening examples.

Blank Staff Paper

Notation Conventions from Bruce Benward and Marilyn Saker Music in Theory and Practice

Tarantino tools for chords

Tarantino's Tools for cadences

Tarantino's Rules for Partwriting The "rules" of partwriting.

Some helpful hints and examples for Harmonization

Assignments and Readings

Assignment 1
Assignment 1: Realization - Tunder
Tunder: Da mihi, Domine
Tunder: Da mihi, Domine - realization by Todd Tarantino

Assignment 2
Assignment 2: Folksong Harmonizing(for Wednesday)
Reading: from Leonard Meyer: Explaining Music, Chapter 6: Definitions and Mehodology( for Wednesday)
Please also read: A&S: Melodic Figuration (for Monday)

Assignment 3
Assignment 3: Chord connection, Nonharmonic Tones, Arrangement(for Wednesday)
Finale File of the Haydn
Blank Score for the Haydn
Reading: from A.B. Marx: please skim p. 56-63 and read p. 63-75( for Wednesday)
Please also read: A&S: Rhythmic Figuration and 5/3 Chord Techniques (for Monday)

Assignment 4
Assignment 4: Chorales, Nonharmonic Tones, Analyses(for Wednesday)
Bach: BWV 974, mvt. 1
Please also read: A&S: Diatonic Sequences

Assignment 5
Assignment 5: Sequences, Cadences, a MInuet(for Wednesday)
Bach: BWV 971
Please also read: A&S: 6/3 Techniques; 6/4 Techniques

Assignment 6
Chorale Harmonization(for Wednesday)
Assignment 7
Chorale Harmonization(for Wednesday)

Assignment 8
Sentences and Periods(for Wednesday)

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