Chromatic Harmony 2

Professor: Todd Tarantino


Columbia University's Sonic Glossary: Columbia's own resource for all manner of musical terms; illustrated with appropriate listening examples.

Blank Staff Paper

Tarantino tools for chords

Tarantino's Tools for cadences

Tarantino's Rules for Partwriting The "rules" of partwriting.

Some helpful hints and examples for Harmonization

Assignments and Readings

Assignment 1
Assignment 1: Chorale Harmonization

For Week 2: Sonatas
Assignment 2 Assignment 2: Sonata analysis
Haydn Sonata for Assignment; Recording

For class Monday please look at / listen to: Mozart: K. 332 mvt. 1: Score; Recording
and for Wednesday: Haydn: Sonata No. 52, mvt 1: Score; Recording

For Week 5
Assignment 5 Assignment 5: Seventh Chords / Rossini(for Wednesday)
Rossini: Barber of Seville OvertureFull Score; Piano Reduction
Please also brush up on: A&S: Supertonic and Subdominant Seventh Chords; Leading-Tone Seventh Chords; Remaining Use of Seventh Chords; Applied V an vii

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