Gradualia (2020 - 2023)

Composed between 2020 and 2023, 'Gradualia' is a collection of a dozen or so works for a variety of forces setting liturgical texts in Latin, English, and Spanish. The title is a tribute to William Byrd's motet collections of 1605 and 1607.

Though often envisioned otherwise, these pieces were initially scored for solo voice and keyboard, and, in some cases, performed as such, before eventually revealing their optimal instrumentations.

Individual works are available for adoption and are being completed on an as-needed basis. PDFs providing further information, including links to score samples, mock-ups and recordings of solo versions can be found linked to the instrumentation headers.

Voices a cappella
Quoniam Autem Estis Filii
Communion Antiphon for the Feast of the Holy Trinity
ATB a cappella

Qui Manducat Carnem Meam
Communion Antiphon for the Feast of Corpus Christi
SATTB a capella

Ego vobiscum sum
Communion antiphon for the Feast of the Ascension
Double choir SATB a cappella

Solo + SATB with organ and/or obbligato instruments
The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee
Communion antiphon for the 12th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Soprano + SATTBB / Organ

Bless the Lord, O My Soul
Communion antiphon for the 13th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Countertenor + SATB / Organ

I Am the Bread of Life
Communion antiphon for the 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Solo + SATB + Organ (optional contrabass)

With the Lord There is Mercy
Communion antiphon for the 20th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Solo + SATB, 2 violin, organ

Solo voice with chamber ensemble
If You Loue Me (after Tallis)
Communion Antiphon for the 6th Sunday of Easter
Solo voice with 4 Cellos

Behold I Stand at the Door
Communion Antiphon for the 16th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Soprano + String Quartet + Trombone

Hombres de Galiliei
Introit antiphon for the Feast of the Ascension
Voice with String Quartet

Canten el Senor un Cantico Nuevo
Introit antiphon for the 5th Sunday of Easter
Voice with String Quartet

Voice with large ensemble
They All Were Filled with the Holy Spirit
Communion antiphon for the Feast of Pentecost
Soprano with Strings

Stretch Forth Your Hand
Communion antiphon for the 2nd Sunday of Easter
Soprano with Strings

I Am the Good Shepherd
Communion antiphon for the 4th Sunday of Easter
Boy Soprano + SATB / Strings / Organ

The Very Stones Shall Cry Out
after the communion antiphon for the 14th Sunday of Ordinary Time
Bass voice + SATB with Strings / 4 trombones

Christ Loved Us
Communion antiphon for the 30th Sunday of Ordinary Time
SSA + Orchestra