Lyf is Laena (2013)
(after Dowland)
Piano solo
5 minutes

Captain Digorie Piper, His Gailliard (2012)
(after Dowland)
Two pianos
3 minutes

Scottish Folksongs (2007-)
O' all the 'airts (2007)
Oh, my love is like a red, red rose (2007)
How lang and dreary is the night (2008)
String Quartet

Wedding Music (2007)
from Grieg and Norwegian folksongs
String Quartet
7 minutes

Ars Subtilior transcriptions (2006)
vn, sax., accordeon
8 minutes

Fumeux, Fume: Solage (1998)
for 9 instruments
6 minutes

Schutz Realizations (1997)
Eile mich, Gott, zu erreten
Bringt Herr, dem Herrn
O Susser, o freundlicher
Sop, Alto, Tenor and piano
12 minutes

Summer: Daniel Belknap (1995)
Sop, vn., vla., vc.
2 minutes

Goats, Central Portugal

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