Study for Body 22


  • Flute, Clarinet, Piano
  • Duration: 1 min.


Platform 4/5; Nizamuddin Station, Delhi

Body 22 was found between platforms four and five of New Delhi's Nizamuddin railway station. He was approximately 75 - 80 years old with a round face, wheatish complexion and lanky build.

I visited this platform at night. It was loud and busy, many were waiting for their trains while others seemed to be living there. Unlike Delhi's other stations, Nizamuddin station lacks security barriers making its platforms effectively open to the public. With its constant noise and bustle, distorted and disorienting announcements and general unpleasantness, it would be hard to believe that someone would choose to be there.

The material for this Study derives from audio recordings of this location.

Study for Body 22 is a part of Appeal for Identification, a large-scale music/theater work which sets out to tell the stories of unidentified migrants through the sounds and words of the locations where their bodies have been found.


Premiere Pending

St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Jackson Heights, NY
June 29, 2012
Parhelion Trio
Cristal-Gloria Medina, clarinet
Sarah Carrier, flute
Andrea Christie, piano

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