Listening Exercise 5

The following question relate to the story and music of Orfeo. Please answer them in as concise manner as possible. We will use these questions as basis of some of our discussion.

1) How does the music of the Toccata contribute to a festive atmosphere?

2) Compare the aria Ecco voi ch'i pur ritorni or Vi ricordia o boschi ombrosiwith the arioso Tu se morta. In what ways do they differ musically and textually?

3) a) Why are there instrumental interjections during Possente Spirto?
b) What is Charon's reaction to Orfeo's aria? Why do you think that is?
c) How does the singing of Possente Spirto differ from the singing of, say, Tu se morta?
d) How does Possente Spirto change when Euridice is evoked?

4) What does the ending suggest about how Orfeo, the opera and the character, functions symbolically?

Please be prepared to discuss your answers at our next class.


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