Curator / New Music Consultant

As a curator, my focus has been on contemporary music, broadly conceived. Having served as the head of an international concert presenter, I have explored the work of countless composers and ensembles throughout the world, presenting American debuts of leading ensembles from across the globe.

My approach to curation manifests as a progressive vision of the twenty-first century concert: borderless, diverse, and open-minded, presented in outward-facing experiences that embrace the broader cultural community. My events are immersive and move beyond proscenium-style juxtapositions of unrelated works, instead interrogating preconceptions about concert music by engaging with foundational questions of our field: What is concert music? Who composes it? Who performs it? How and where is it presented? Ecumenical in scope and purposefully built to explore the proposition that all music, no matter the style, aesthetic, or approach, is a manifestation of the same creative impulse, and that all individuals have the capacity to engage with unfamiliar sounds on a visceral or emotive level, programs I have curated have been singled out by the press as 'crucial' (New York Times), 'vital' (The New Yorker), and 'in-depth' (New York Classical Review), with works that 'raised questions' (The Log Journal) and were 'risky' (Musical America), 'singular and necessary' (I Care if You Listen).

Some recent highlights are below.

New Music in the Islamic World: a groundbreaking concert presented as a direct response to the refugee crisis in the Middle East and the recently enacted laws limiting entry to America for individuals from certain predominantly Muslim nations. Written up in The New Yorker (among other publications) and internationally through Dubai's Salaam Gateway, it focused attention on composers working in or exiled from the Islamic world. As the first of its kind, it was a model for similar events nationwide.

Divine Mysteries: A series that re-engages with the historic tradition of sacred or spiritual music, presenting contemporary responses to the sacred as immersive experiences. Performed in partnership with local church music programs, they succeeded in showcasing contemporary music to new audiences.

A Room of One's Own: Devoted to the work of female-identifying composer-performers, each evening was devoted to an individual artist, allowing them to realize their creative vision to the fullest extent.

MATA's Greatest Hits: An evening that synthesized the twenty-year history of one of America's leading presenters of contemporary concert music through presentation of works that defined it.