Todd Tarantino

Current Projects

Large Projects

Appeal for Identification
An opera / music-theater piece for voices and orchestra
Currently at work on the first tableaux 'Nacket bin ich' and developing the rest of the work.
Approximately 30 minutes composed

Cancionero Anonimo
music / theater / dance
A collection of bits and pieces of a life. Performers may excerpt, organize or re-organize to
form a coherent whole. Currently finding, developing, and engraving. Scored for all manner
of ensembles, some indeterminate.

Gradualia, volume 1
liturgical music
Seven settings of communion antiphons. In English. Each exists as a solo with organ as well as
in various more elaborate ensembles. Some complete, others still need to revised, engraved,
corrected, and orchestrated.

Gradualia, volume 2
liturgical music
Six additional settings of communion antiphons. In English. Most written. Need to be revised,
engraved, corrected and orchestrated.

El Antifonero de Entrada
liturgical music
Spanish entrance antiphons for the complete church year. Scored for voice and keyboard and
in a popular style. Nearly complete. In various states of engraving.

Small Projects

Missa Brevis
liturgical music
A simple setting of the Mass Ordinary for liturgical use during Lent. Needs to be cleaned
up / revised / given finished form.

Piano Etudes / Preludes
piano solo
Old pieces for piano; need to be found, notated, assembled

Two Brecht Songs
voice and harp
Two very early settings from Brecht's 'Private Life of the Master Race'; need to be cleaned up,
text cleared

Sanctus for Violin and Harp
An expansion of the Sanctus from the Missa Brevis

Sanctus for Chorus a cappella
Material exists

Cantiga (version for viols)
Arrangement of existing material

Meditation (version for string orchestra)
Arrangement of existing material

Offerings for Organ
Two exist in incomplete form, a third is even less complete

Babes in the Woods
Scottish Folksong Setting for String Quartet
Some material exists

Three and a half Schutz settings
Realizations from the Kleine Geistliche Konzert. Should be cleaned up; fourth setting needs to be engraved.

Brecht Songs (violin and harp version)
Needs to be arranged

Things I'd Like to Write

Solo for Cello

Salve Regina after Eton
flute, english horn, bassoon, organ, percussion, voices

Surrexit Pastor Bonus
voice with ensemble
Brief sketch of opening exists

After Dowland III
multiple pianos

A North German Miscellany
One movement exists

String Quartet 2

Duo for Violin / Viola