• Violin, Viola, Cello
  • Duration: 6 min.


Ruins of Palmyra

Cantiga was composed in 1997 as the slow movement of a string trio, the remaining movements of which have since been discarded. It takes the form of a slow, lyrical meditation on a likely mis-remembered, if not fabricated, fragment of Galician folk poetry:

A onde ira meu Romero
A onde ira meu Romero
Chegara a Compostela
A ver Santo Apostol

(Where has my wanderer gone? He has gone to Compostela to see the blessed apostle)

Cantiga may be performed alone or as part of the Cancionero Anonimo.


Merkin Concert Hall, New York
March 30, 2005
CC Ensemble
David Fulmer, violin
Maiya Papaich, viola
Joanne Lin, cello

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